Ag & Turf Parts Warranty Terms Extended

We are pleased to announce the following changes to the John Deere Ag & Turf Parts Warranty Terms retroactive to parts sold after 1 November 2016. These changes will go into effect 8 January 2017.

Dealer Installed Parts: John Deere OEM and REMAN parts will receive 12 months/unlimited hours coverage for both parts and labor when installed by an aurthorized John Deere dealer.

Over the Counter: John Deere OEM parts will receive 6 months/unlimited hours coverage after purchase.

These new terms will not apply to all parts sold by John Deere. A few parts warranty exceptions:

  • Battery warranty will remain unchanged
  • Supplie administered warranties will not change (e.g. Frontier Parts, and Mi-T-M products)
  • Software claims will remain changed at 90 days
  • REMAN AC Comperssors will remain 90 days when customer installed


Are A&I and Sunbelt parts covered by this warranty change?
No, A&I and Sunbelt parts will retian their current parts and labor warranty policies.

Are REMAN parts covered by this warranty change?
The customer installed REMAN parts will remain 12 months which is no change from the current policy.

What will the warranty terms be for customers that made purchases either over the counter or throguh the shop prior to 1 November 2016?
There will be no changes to warranty for parts purchase either over the counter or through the service department prior to 1 November 2016. Those purchases will still be covered by the terms that were in place at the time based on the product category.

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